Midnight Liturgy - Christmas 2003

Welcome to All !!

Daily Liturgies are held in the School Chapel Thursday & Friday  at 9:00am. Check the weekly bulletin for any change of time due to special circumstances  Holy Confession is available before Liturgy.
Saturday Liturgy begins at 4:00pm, Holy Confession is available before and after the service.
Sunday Divine Liturgy begins at 8:00am and 10:30am.
Holy Confession is available before the Liturgies.

On Feast Days, the various liturgical services are announced in the weekly bulletin or listed on the calendar posted here.

Other Services:
Mystery of Holy Baptism
We are all "Baptized into Christ" and participate in the death and resurrection of Christ, being reborn in Christ Himself.  This service is combined with Holy Chrismation.  Expectant parents and those who desire to be baptized Byzantine, should contact the rectory at least three months prior to prepare for this special service.
Holy Chrismation
This is the time where we are anointed with the Holy Chrism bestowing upon us the gift of the Holy Spirit.  This allows us to grow in spirituality, holiness and live a true Christian life.
Holy Eucharist
The mystery in which we receive the "body and blood of Christ" becoming full members of the Church community.  This wonderful gift provides us with the spiritual nourishment that we need to survive.  This service is given to children in our second grade Eastern Christian Formation class.
Mystery of Holy Confession
Available before and after each liturgy and by appointment.
Mystery of Holy Matrimony
Where a man and a woman are called to live together as one through selfless giving and love, growing in holiness and grace through Christ. In the Mystery of Holy Matrimony, the couple are crowned with the divine grace and strength to grow together in love and holiness.  Those couples planning to marry should contact the rectory no less than one year in advance.

Mystery of Holy Anointing with Oil
In this mystery we are anointed and blessed with holy oils to heal our illnesses both bodily and spiritually.  Please notify the rectory if you wish to have the priest come to give the Holy Eucharist and/or anoint with Holy Oils, anyone who is ill at home, in the hospital, or nursing home. These sacramental mysteries are given for the healing of the soul and body.