Most Reverend William Skurla D.D.
Eparch of Passaic
Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Passaic
445 Lackawanna Avenue
West Paterson, NJ 07424
Phone: 973-890-7777
Fax: 973-890-7175
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St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church is a member of the Eparchy of Passaic.
     Established in 1963, the Eparchy of Passaic is the Byzantine Catholic Church's governing body for the East coast of the United States of America. The first Eparch for this new Eparchy was Bishop Stephen J. Kocisko, with the church of St. Michael the Archangel designated as the Cathedral.

     Following five years of diligent service, Bishop Stephen Kocisko was transferred to the Eparchy of Pittsburgh, and the newly consecrated Bishop Michael Dudick was enthroned as the second Eparch in 1968. Over the next 28 years Bishop Michael Dudick provided excellent leadership as the Byzantine Church in America grew to new heights. During this time he saw two of his Eparchial Auxiliaries enthroned as succeeding Eparchs of the newly formed Eparchy of Van Nuys. He then retired in 1996 and was succeeded by Bishop Andrew Pataki, transferring in from the Eparch of Parma in the mid-west.

     Bishop William Skurla now leads an Eparchy rich in tradition and spiritual life. Encompassing Monasteries for both men and women, parochial schools, academic institutions and seminaries the Eparchy of Passaic is a strong and vibrant member of the Byzantine Church in America.
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